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Month: December 2018

2019 Medicare Plans Arriving Soon

Medicare Insurance Kit

You may already have your new 2019 insurance packet.  If not you should be receiving your new Medicare Advantage or Supplement packet any day now.  Be sure to take a few minutes to go through your packet. 

In your packet you should find:

  • Your new Medicare Advantage Card or Your new Supplement/PDP cards
  • Information regarding mail order prescriptions
  • An explanation of your “Over the counter benefits”
  • Information about your free gym membership (Medicare Advantage only)
  • Details of the other benefits included with your plan

We appreciate your trust in us this year and we look forward to working with you in 2019.

 If you have questions regarding the information you receive please reach out to us we will be glad to be of assistance. or call us at 317-426-0609